(SHESGONE) (coldblacktea) wrote in pencileaters,

whee, new stuff~ because i suck just that much. :3

expiry date looking more kangaroo-ish than usual. :3 i studied some pictures of them so her snout is more ... realistic? idunno. & yes. her wrists are happy! & milk is confused. he does not understand happy wrists.

ox's horse character, ecume, hanging out with my faery character, irzuu. he inspires me with all his ... fantastical-ness. :3 purr.

irzuu, alone. she's faerylike although is technically a xarr'nd, one of my self-created shapeshifting species. she's shapeshifting into thread here. yeah. that's right. thread. ... leavemealone.

sometimes i like this picture & sometimes i don't. fuzzy wuffs are fun to draw. :3 this one in particular is teh ox, who is one of our esteemed members. she ish crazy.

ruinhae (aka rune) & brynne, elf & human. yeah. unfinished, obviously, but this gives you some idea as to how the pictures i do develop. sorta. eh.

& that's that. sorry for boring you. :3
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