(SHESGONE) (coldblacktea) wrote in pencileaters,

new art from teh ley! oh neu! YOU SHALL ALL SUFFER!

there are two versions of this because i started it in december then tried colouring it again in february. oldest to newest --

ooo, look, you can see how ley's art evolves!

i was going to cg this but decided to just use markers.

most recent piece. wheee.

"if you feel better telling me i'm cruel. saying i'm unfeeling. i don't mind. if it's neccessary. if it helps you out. crying that i'm heartless. it's alright. & i'm sorry to cause you so much pain. & i'm sorry ot bring you down again. 'cause i've reached the end & i won't fight anymore. i don't know what you really want from me but i don't fit in your reality. how can any man be so blind? but if you feel better, i don't mind." [if you feel better / emilie autumn]
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