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methinks we've rather died! yesyes.
alright, i mentioned this earlier but now i'm going to ask you all to submit short bio-esque descriptions of yourself for me to place on the pencileaters info page.
use the following template:

Name: (what you like to be called)
Draws: (what you create most often)
Mediums: (what you normally create with)
Favorite online artists: (self-explainatory. with urls)
Favorite offline artists: (self-explainatory)
(& a short description)

using this template, you should get something like this:

Name: Ley
Draws: character designs
Mediums: graphite, ink, marker, photoshop7
Favorite online artists:
Abril [http://www.sublunaire.net], Clio Chiang [http://www.verunne.net], Faith Hicks [http://www.realityfelon.com/Faith], Genn Routhier [http://myst.org], Johanna Ost [http://www.johannaost.com], Nati Pierandri [http://nati-art.com], Vera Brosgol [http://art.lunistice.com]
Favorite offline artists: Brian Froud, Alphonse Mucha
Ley is the mistress of Pencileaters, in all her glory. She is a fairly typical teenaged girl who has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon, whether or not there was paper around (table tops make excellent canvases, up until your parents catch you). She dreams of being either a character designer or comic artist when she grows up, but will settle for most anything.
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