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pencileaters's Journal

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We are the Pencileaters. We are a group of artists who use this journal as an outlet for our unfinished & finished works of art. It can be a doodle, a sketch, an inked work, a fullblown acrylic painting -- it'll be shown here. We do not discriminate against art. Or, for that matter, against artists.

T H E   E A T E R S (alphabetic)

Name: Ahree/Andrea (it doesn't matter)
Draws: Mostly character designs, sometimes more abstract, symbolic work.
Mediums: Graphite, ink, prismacolor markers, prismacolor pencils, Photoshop 7.0
Favorite online artists: Ross Campbell, Kyla Sturgeon, Kaz, Roux
Favorite offline artists: James O'Barr, Josh Middleton, Michaelangelo
Andrea has been drawing almost constantly since she was a little kid. When she was younger she was best at drawing animals, but in 5th grade she was exposed to a popular anime called Sailor Moon, which inspired her to get serious about her art and learn to draw humans. She started off by copying directly from Sailor Moon art, but soon enough she was confidant enough to draw from her own head. She never looked back. Her art is more anime-inspired than being actual anime. Her main downfall is that her inspiration is often very low and she's quite a perfectionist, making uploads on devART few and far apart.

Name: malloreigh
Draws: miscellaneous cybergoth shit
Mediums: pencil, tablet, paint shop pro and opencanvas
Favorite online artists: kyla sturgeon, ross/mooncalfe, rusty
Favorite offline artists: alex grey, mark ryden
malloreigh puts no effort into anything she does and expects to be the best at it. she isn't, and has never created anything original in her life. this is her sad, sad story. the end.

Name: Ox .0.
Draws: Pictures XD. I mean, wuffs and occasional felines, except they hate me.
Mediums: Pencil, paper, PS 7.0
Favorite online artists: here
Favorite offline artists: Hurrm. My mother? Yes. She draws wondrously.
Ox enjoys eating on a regular basis, licking doorknobs, and being crazy with May and Ley [whose names rhyme, by the way] on aim chatrooms :D.

Name: May
Draws: Animals
Mediums: Adobe CS, Papermate Pacer
Favorite online artists: here
Favorite offline artists: Sarah [mah friendorz]
May relishes chasing pigeons, drawing, procrastinating andaaa mangling teh engleesh langooage. :D

Name: ley
Draws: character designs
Mediums: graphite, ink, marker, photoshop7
Favorite online artists: Abril, Andrea Snow, Clio Chiang, Faith Hicks, Genn Routhier, Johanna Ost, Nati Pierandri, Vera Brosgol
Favorite offline artists: Brian Froud, Alphonse Mucha
ley is the mistress of pencileaters, in all her glory. she is a fairly typical teenaged girl who has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon, whether or not there was paper around (table tops make excellent canvases, up until your parents catch you). she dreams of being either a character designer or comic artist when she grows up, but will settle for most anything.